Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Tired Mama

It's 11am.  I have already...
  • changed 5 poopy diapers
  • watched a 2-year-old throw all the light bright pegs down the stairs (and made her pick them up again!)
  • washed a load of laundry
  • folded a load of laundry
  • made french toast
  • emptied the dishwasher
  • wiped several runny noses
  • tripped over a bazillion toys
  • pushed kids on the swing outside
  • nursed several times
  • made a rainbow collage with the girls
  • broken-up several arguments
  • held an unusually cranky baby
  • chased around the chickens
  • talked with the Solar Panel people
  • had 2 cups of coffee!
I also
  • yelled at the kids
  • loved on the kids and asked for forgiveness
  • did not do my Bible study or even have a quiet time

My husband will come home from his meeting soon and find...
  • magazines everywhere from our collage
  • another load of laundry that needs to be folded
  • kids with a full tummy who are ready to hop into the pool
  • a baby that refuses to nap today
  • a toddler with marker all over her
  • a very tired and grumpy wife
That means it's time to...
  • put on some worship music
  • pray for God to give me what I don't have right now
  • start thanking Him for this wonderful life, (and I'm not being sarcastic... I really do love this life, though it feels overwhelming on certain days!)
  • put on my running shoes to go get refreshed once he comes home! (...or eat chocolate and paint my door; it's a toss-up!)


  1. I hope you ran, ate chocolate, finished that cute door, and got a fabulous night sleep. You are fabulous! <3

  2. Can't wait to see photos of your door. Hope all is well with you and your sweet family -- missing your posts!!


  3. It sounds like a super busy day. You are a super mama! Wow. You are doing a great job.