Sunday, May 27, 2012


Phases.  When the kids are in a phase, it seems as though they will never come out of it.  Of course, they always do.  And then... even though I say I never will... I forget about the phase. 

Right now Allison is in a "do your own hair" phase.  It's fun for me to see what hairstyle she comes up with!  Natalie... hmmm... not sure if she has a phase that stands out at the moment.  She does love to make her brother laugh, though!  And Sierra... Sierra is wanting to watch Jana Alayra the moment she wakes up every day!  She can sing every song, and loves all the motions.  I find it precious!

So, when I heard Jana Alayra would be doing a mini concert for the kids at Mariner's Church in Irvine, I immediately put it on the calendar.  The older girls saw Jana at MOPS a few years back and loved the concert.  Now it was Sierra's turn!

We were blessed to see Jana before the concert, and she graciously talked with us, hugged the girls, and took this picture.  She is just unbelievable; so sweet, not rushed, talking to us like we were old friends.  Amazing.  I'm star-struck!  I want God to shine through me like He does Jana!  The kids had a blast and can't wait to see her, again.

Unfortunately, Daniel wasn't able to join us for the concert since he was at work.  Of course, since he works just a few miles down the street, we headed to his station after the concert.  We may have stopped at my favorite bakery for special boba drinks and pastries on the way... what a treat!

 I was happy to have along my bag of tricks in the car for when Daniel's Engine got a call and had to leave.  

When he got back, the girls got to climb on the truck and play a bit before we headed home.

This was Malachi's first time at his Papa's fire station!

I took lots of pictures of him in case he decides to become a firefighter one day.

Even if he doesn't want to be a firefighter, I have no doubt that he will love and respect his amazing firefighting daddy!

He even felt comfortable enough to take a little nap on his daddy's bed!

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